The following articles received from members detail various aspects of historical arms research.

The Firearm Inventions of Edward Lindner

Man is an inventive being, soon after the discovery of firearms, he recognised that the chief problem with the new, and still very primitive weapons, was the time consuming loading operation

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The New Zealand Carbine

There are probably many gun enthusiasts in New Zealand who do not know that New Zealand can lay claim to one of the rarest Lee Enfield Models in the world. The ‘Magazine Lee Enfield Carbine

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South African Trophy Rifle Register 1

My first encounter with a Boer War Mauser was amongst the possessions of my late Grandfather 2709 & 5434 Saddler Sergeant G.F.William

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South African Trophy Rifle Register 2

The Boer Republics of the Oranje-Vrijstaat (OVS) and the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) declared war on the might of the British Empire

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South African Trophy Rifle Register 3

The register of South African Trophy Rifles, which started last year, has to date recorded only 68 rifles of which 61 are SAT marked.

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SAT Register  – Last Updated Sep 2011

SOUTH AFRICAN TROPHY FIREARMS – 1904. Schedule comprises Model 1893 Boer Mausers and Martini Henrys

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